Run Heart

Let your heart run wild with us.

Run Heart

Let your heart run wild with us.

Run Heart - Together

Make running fun and social with our Run Heart concept. Instead of having your members run individually on the treadmills, why not start your own in-house run club?
Your members will love it!

With the on-screen data we provide, you can let each run session have a different goal i.e.:
– Total burned calories
– Time spent in different heart rate zones etc. 
– Reach a specific percentage of HR Max

You can even divide all the participants into teams and have them compete against each other. Combine running intervals with strength exercises for a complete workout.  

Let the fun begin!

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Run Heart gives your members:

– External motivation

– Better performance

– Increased fitness level

– Quality in their training

Why your members will love it

Run hearter and smarter

Running is one of the most effective ways of getting fit, which is why so many people love it. However, running in the same pace every single time won’t give all the benefits, that running is capable of. 

Help your members vary their training and get good results faster by using heart rate training when they run. 
Run together with IQNITER Studio or individually with the many running profiles in our IQNITER app.