Can you afford employees that don't work out?

We provide the perfect solution to revolutionize workplace exercise, and make everyone have a good time getting healthier. 

If there was a pill that gave your employees:

lower sickness absence Improved concentration Faster learning Mental stamina Enhanced creativity Lower stress Better mood Better performance

Would you encourage them to take it?

We have the perfect solution to motivate your employees to stay fit and healthy. 
And we all know how healthy employees equals a healthy bottom line.

Let us help you create a culture with focus on physical and mental well-being as your biggest asset.
By using our digital health platform your employees will be guided to follow the latest recommendations from
The World Health Organisation (WHO).

Be one step ahead when it comes to
increasing your overall company health! 

Why invest more in healthy employees?

With the numerous benefits exercise entails, we believe every company should make it easy, accessible and achievable for their employees to work out during the day. Not only with the physical benefits in mind, but, to a much higher degree, the mental firepower regular exercise evidently gives us.

Example of benefits from exercise

Reduce sickness leave
with over

0 %

Increase productivity
with over

0 %

Source: Arbejdstilsynet and Harvard Business Review

IQNITER Hearts -
Make every move count

Reach 150 Hearts pr. week to live a long,
healthy life and prevent diseases.

Earn IQNITER Hearts together and help your company stay healthy.
With this brand new feature, w
provide you with valuable insight into how your daily activities count
in keeping your heart healthy. 

It’s quite simple: The more Hearts you earn, the better your health will be.


IQNITER HEARTS is a simple tool to reach the recommended activity level for a healthy lifestyle, according to guidelines from
The American Heart Association and WHO.

The value of each Heart you earn will increase along with higher intensity training, so you can reach the 150 weekly Hearts in many ways. Either by going for a walk with a moderately increased heart rate, which will count as one Heart pr. active minute, or you can earn 2 hearts pr. minute by increasing the heart rate a bit more.
This means EVERYONE can participate at their own pace regardless of fitness level.

Follow expert recommendations

Why use IQNITER hearts?

IQNITER HEARTS gives you and your employees an easy tool to define health within the organization. Here are some of the advantages you get:

Gamification as motivation

Aim for goals together

By aiming for common goals and competing with other departments or other companies, your employees will build better team spirit along with better health.

Include everyone equally

IQNITER HEARTS is for everyone regardless of fitness level. The employee in bad shape can also participate without being exposed in a negative way.

Collect hearts together

When working out at a specific intensity, each employee will accumulate HEARTS. These HEARTS are visible in their app, but also in the workout hub, you will get access to. 

Training plans

Planning your training makes it much easier to get it done! Customize a training plan for each individual or for a specific team, and let them motivate each other.

Live workouts

Keep your employees extra motivated with live streamed workouts, they can join from anywhere. Choose from our professional instructors or your own instructors.

team up and
reach the top

Create a better team spirit at the workplace by letting the employees reach their goals together.

heart rate based

By equipping all participants with a Heart Rate belt, you will get useful data to motivate them towards a goal individually or in teams. I.e. "Who can spend the longest time with a Heart Rate at 75% this month".

Track progress

Tracking progress is one of the most important features in staying motivated. In the app your employees can see all necessary data of their completed workouts.

are you aware of

How training benefits
your overall health?

You will live longer and your life quality will be noteably improved, especially as you get older.

Your risk of getting sick from heart diseases, high cholesterol and diabetes is reduced.

Science shows that exercise strengthens your brain. You will get a better memory, a better ability to focus and even more brain cells. 

Exercise makes you happy! It has proven to reduce the risk of mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress.

Here is what you get: