Case: IQNITER made my exercise more fun

Lost weight
as a bonus

Rikke is "addicted" to training
with optimal heart rate

Scoring points while training motivates me

“I am the IQNITER user in the gym who has scored the most Qpoints,” triumphs 47-year-old Rikke Boel, who makes no secret of the fact that she is a distinctly competitive person.

Over the past year, she has trained a couple of times a week with the IQNITER app in FysioDanmark’s gym in Aalborg. Initially as an aid to rehabilitation after an ankle injury, but now she has made a sport from reaching as many Qpoints as possible: The better she is at keeping her heart rate at the exact level indicated by the training profile, the more points she scores during the 44 minutes she sits on the exercise bike.

“The other day I was close to reaching 98 points out of 100 possible!”

The hunt for points has made her so hooked on training that she has purchased the pro version of the IQNITER app, so she can continue training in the gym, even though the rehab has ended a while ago.

“In addition to competing with the others in the gym, I have also gained better condition and lost some extra kilos as a bonus,” says Rikke.