Punch Heart

Optimize your boxing training
with heart rate data

Punch Heart

Optimize your boxing training
with heart rate data

Is your boxing training
"heart" enough?

Make sure each boxer gets the most from every single training by using heart rate as a guideline.

Since 2020 we’ve had a close collaboration with DaBU, and our training software was implemented in Boksekraftcenter Vejle for our national team boxers.

This has proven to give the trainers and the boxers great benefits in optimizing (and customizing) the daily training.
Our heart rate system shows the heart rate of each boxer on a screen in real time, and this provides very valuable insights such as: How good shape is he/she in? Is there a need for improvement? 

Heart rate training is not only a useful tool for professional boxers, it can be used to create fun and challenging sessions for everyone.  

“At Jyllinge Boxing Club the IQNITER equipment is activated and visible during all training sessions. Each boxer enters their heart rate level, which they follow along the way. I.e. when sparring, the trainer makes sure that the boxer is at the desired heart rate level.
This gives a really good sense of where you are and how you feel when you train at i.e. 80%; and it teaches the boxer to recognize how it feels to be in the max zone, which is highly relevant when the boxer is in the ring,”

– Bo Bøgeskov, Jyllinge Boxing Club

Evaluate after each session

So how did the training actually go?
With a visible graph of the boxers heart rate you get the most precise insight in his/hers performance. 

In Jyllinge Boxing Club the trainers always evaluate each step of the training session, especially looking at how quick/slow the heart rate normalizes after being maxed out.
This is the best measurement of an individuals form level, and a valuable tool in optimizing the training.