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We apply scientific recommendations for optimal training

At IQNITER we care that you get effective and secure training. We capitalize on heart rate (HR) and power-based training as a tool for our users to get insights from their performance and embark on a path of continuous improvement. Our users can see real-time data during the workouts, which can enable you to push harder and reach the coveted training effect, while all your training data and progress over time is tracked.

Our aim is to provide users with high quality training that is based on scientific recommendations, while incorporating motivational elements that makes training fun, engaging and effective. Based on current research and scientific recommendations we offer users training workouts that will challenge novice, as well as expert, users in relation to training duration, intensity, and progression to help achieve your training goals. Basically, let IQNITER help and guide you, or be your own master towards reaching your training goals.

We award users with Qpoints, that is a motivational feature, but also an expression of how your training has been performed. Qpoints is a measure of how you follow our guided workouts or how your own individually performed training has provided training effect. 

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Did you know

How training benefits
your overall health?

You will live longer and your life quality will be noteably improved, especially as you get older.

Your risk of getting sick from heart diseases, high cholesterol and diabetes is reduced.

Science shows that exercise strengthens your brain. You will get a better memory, a better ability to focus and even more brain cells. 

Exercise makes you happy! It has proven to reduce the risk of mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress.