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Heart Fact #1:
Why working “hearter” is smarter…

Heart rate training can help you optimize each workout session – that is why we call it “Work hearter and smarter” 

We all have different motivations and goals when working out. Some enjoy hard work whilst sweat and pain can be demotivating for others. Some strive to reach results, while others are told to exercise by doctors due to a medical condition. Either way there is no doubt that working out has many health benefits. One of them is strengthening your heart.  

So now the question is: Does a healthy and efficient workout always have to be about hard work, leaving you out of breath followed by muscle soreness for days? The short answer is no. By listening to your own body and letting your heart guide you, you will learn how much easier an efficient workout will feel.

Wearing a heart rate monitor while working out will give you real-time feedback, which enables you to work smarter and get the desired effect from each workout. 

The first thing to figure out is your maximum heart rate. A rough guide is 220 minus your age, for a more precise reading you can use our app to guide you through a maximum heart rate test.

After learning your maximum heart rate you can plan each of your workouts from how much time you spend in each heart rate zone, which will vary depending on your level of fitness, your health condition and your goal.

Using your heart rate as guide will help you balance your training in several ways:

  1. Avoid overtraining by pushing yourself too hard for too long putting yourself at risk of injuries
  2. Be sure you actually push yourself enough to gain benefit from your workout so you won’t be wasting your time
  3. Make sure your periods of restitution have the right length both during and after exercise

Our workouts are all planned by sports specialists bearing these principles in mind – If you haven’t done it already, download our app and get ready to work hearter and smarter.

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