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the next level

We provide a training software based on the most precise measurement of how your physical activity impact on your overall health – Your heart rate.

Where and how
can you use IQNITER?

You can practically use IQNITER for every kind of activity, that gets your heart beating.
Here are some of our most popular concepts.






Get happier members with
data & guidance

Heart rate training is once again gaining ground in the fitness industry, and members have begun to choose centers based on heart rate-based training concepts.

With IQNITER you can match your competitors in a few easy steps. With our plug and play solution, you can transform your classes and offer each participant an optimized workout – every time!

Your benefits:

How to get started

Step 1

Get your IQNITER receiver

(or use the one you already have)

Install our IQNITER Studio receiver along with one or multiple screens and transform your classes to a motivating community. 

Step 2

Use existing cardio machines
in a new way

Make your own signature class by combining all kinds of cardio machines and add some strenght exercises to offer your members a full body workout based on heart rate.

Step 3

Sell heart rate monitors
to your members

Not only will you benefit from more motivated members joining your fun and challenging classes, you will also gain profit from selling them heart rate monitors. 

Want to work hearter & smarter?

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