IQNITER Online Training

Give your employees easy access to their own virtual gym!
Lots of options for guided individual training at home or at your inhouse gym.

Virtual gym for all employees

Do you have employees in different locations?
Offer them the same gym option everywhere with IQNITER.

With our online gym solution you can offer all your employees easy access to various activity options. 
All they need is our IQNITER app and a heart rate monitor, and they are ready to start their new,  healthy lifestyle.

We have +100 different training programmes ready to choose from.

Wide ranging options from Training on Demand videos, including indoor biking, rowing and HIIT training with our motivating instructors. Our HIIT trainings do not require equipment at all and can be done at home with a full body workout in less than 20 minutes.

Your employees will love it 🙂 

Why Heart Rate training works

Exercising with heart rate measurement tells you exactly how hard your body works in real-time. Learning about your heart rate will optimize your training in several ways, first of all by giving you tangible insight in your performance directly from your hardest working muscle = your heart!

Duration and frequency of your training are important factors as well, but the real improvement depends on the effect your effort has on your heart. This is why heart rate tracking makes you train smarter and without guesswork.

Why train with IQNITER?

IQNITER gives you and your employees an easy tool to prioritize health within the organization. 

With IQNITER as a virtual gym and training buddy, your employees get easy access to lots of training options and real-time data. We will keep them motivated on your road to being a proactive company with happier and healthier employees.