Physio & Rehab

People in rehabilitation, people with diagnosis and actually everybody need the correct training to live a healthy and active life. IQNITER is designed to help users to optimize their training.

How can IQNITER help you add value to your customers?

Research shows that only few patients follow the training they have been given by their physiotherapist.
With IQNITER you not only give your patients an online plan with reminders but you also give them a programme that guides them throughout their workout so they optimize their training and recover faster from their injuries.


You can use IQNITER for patients that need guided training, e.g. 

  • Rehabilitation of bag, neck, shoulder, knee patients, 
  • People with diagnoses (e.g. parkinson, sclerose, diabetes)
  • People who want to lose weight, get in shape, live healthier, etc.

"Finally a system
to follow up on patients"...

“It is important to be able to train with quality, both when training in our clinic and at home.
For 20 years I have sent patients away with programs that they had to train for at home, but have not had a system where I could follow up on them.”

– Morten Skjoldager
Physiotherapist, FysioDanmark Ålborg

Training with just one click

Experience from FysioDanmark Aalborg shows, that IQNITER keeps the patients’ motivation at its peak and their
fitness improves by 10 percent in six weeks. 

“It takes a maximum of five minutes to hand out the training program, and it is incredibly easy for the physiotherapist to follow up on whether the patients actually follow the training,” says sports physiotherapist at FysioDanmark Aalborg
Henrik Bengaard Nielsen, who has helped develop the system and the training programs in IQNITER.

IQNITER is a training platform that makes it easy for patients to follow the training programme provided by the physiotherapist. Through the IQNITER app clients can exercise  use a heart rate belt while following the training at home or
in connection with training in the clinic (team or individual), and data from the training is sent to the physiotherapist, who with a few clicks on the computer can monitor whether the patient is trained and with what quality.

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During our visit you will get the full experience of how you can offer individualized group training, so everyone can take part in the same class regardless of fitness level. Increase motivation and guide your customers to reach optimal (rehab) training results with IQNITER.

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Our Heart rate based solutions

We have built our solution based on a simple mission:

We want to help people achieve a good life through good health. We call it:
Good Health, Good Life

Spice up your rehab training


Add an extra dimension to your cardio based rehab classes by having all participants wear a heart rate belt.

Keep up good motivation


Give your customers fun and smart training, help them improve motivation, and increase your revenue & retention rate.

Easy progress overview


Create training plans & help your customers follow them. Get an easy overview of their progress and training data.

Collect Hearts and stay healthy


With this new feature you can help your customers reach the weekly activity recommendation from the WHO. All they have to do is reach 150 Hearts per week.

Facilitate remote sessions


Make your group training flexible with IQNITER Live. Offer your customers to join the exact same class, whether they are at your clinic or connect from home!

What our users have to say

Said about the Iqniter app

"I found that I did not train with a sufficiently high heart rate"

“By using IQNITER, I found that I did not train with a sufficiently high heart rate – in other words, did not push myself hard enough – that insight is worth gold.”

Dorthe Nakskov Ilsfort
Parkinson diagnosed

Said about Iqniter Coach

"Precise and evidence-based training plans"

“IQNITER gives me the opportunity to build precise and evidence-based training plans that suit different rehabilitation needs, illnesses and disorders we see in physiotherapy. We train based on heart rate and with Qpoints we hit the optimal load more easily, as you are rewarded for training the planned.”

Henrik Nielsen
Head of test center, Physiotherapist FysioDanmark Aalborg

Said about Iqniter Studio

"We have had IQNITER for many years and can not imagine living without it"

“We are really happy with the system and the structured training we can give our users. If you want to get the most out of your training, you need to use IQNITER. With the new APP, we now have the opportunity for members to use IQNITER to train at home. And we look forward to using COACH to make plans and follow all the training the members undertake, whether it is here with us or at home. It will provide better quality in training”

Kiri Korsager
Physiotherapist, FysioDanmark Varde