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HIIT training is a game-changer

Heart rate training is among the most efficient methods to gain results and a healthy lifestyle.
Combine cardio and strength training with real time heart rate monitoring to give your members a complete, fun and motivating workout each time!

want motivated members that keep coming back?

hiit training is
your key to succes

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has proven to be the fastest way to get results. We believe, that facilitating good results is your key to a successful business.

HIIT training builds on short and intense bursts of exercise with a high heart rate, combined with short recovery breaks with lower heart rate. Our software measures the heart rate of each participant, and makes it a visible guideline to obtain the optimal result during each workout session.   

By reaching the maximum training zone for short periods again and again, the body needs to respond quickly, which leads to a fast transformative change. HIIT promotes fat burn, improves endurance and increases speed, and according to science this training form delivers phenomenal results remarkably fast.

HIIT training delivers phenomenal
results remarkably fast!

mix and match with existing equipment

An example of what the perfect class can look like...

With our plug and play solution, you can transform your fitness classes from day to day and offer each participant an optimized workout – every time! No need for big investments, you can use existing equipment in a new context and renew your gym at zero cost. Equip e.g your biking studio with rowing machines and dumbbells – and voila! You have a new concept!
We are more than happy to help you with inspiration and we have several pre-planned workout concepts, you can implement straight away.

Indoor biking

We recommend indoor biking as one of the cardio elements, but you can mix and match as you please.

Strenght training

Use weights or simply choose body weight exercises to strenghten the core and main muscle groups.

extra cardio

Use any kind of cardio machine, instead of or supplementary to indoor biking, to get the heart rate up.

Track, show & use data

no more guesswork!

Heart rate measurement removes guesswork and gives important knowledge about e.g. number of calories burned and progress in cardiovascular capacity. Keep your members motivated by letting them track all their workouts and their progress in our app.

Our complete training platform offers many motivating options, that makes a regular workout routine easy.

make each workout fun

gamification is great motivation

aim for goals together

By aiming for specific goals and competing with each other, you can build a stronger community among your members, and they will feel stronger commitment.

compete during group training

Which team (or individual) can do best, relative to their level of fitness? Spice up each fitness class with a fun element of competition – Your members will love it!

collect heart points together

When working out at a specific intensity, each member will accumulate points. These points are visible in their app, but also in the workout hub, you will get access to. Why not use this to reward them with i.e. prizes or discounts? 

Help your members optimize each workout

work hearter & smarter

Finding the optimal way to workout is a jungle. We have solved this issue by letting each minute of your workouts count as Heart Points.
The perfect score is 150 Heart Points pr. week, based on guidelines from The American Heart Association, recommending 150 minutes movement pr. week at moderate intensity to avoid heart disease and improve overall health.
By increasing the intensity of the workout, meaning that your heart is beating faster and faster, you can decrease the amount of time spent working out AND GAIN THE SAME BENEFITS!

Help your members work hearter and smarter with heart rate monitoring.

The value of each Heart Point will increase along with higher intensity training, so you can reach the 150 weekly Heart Points in many ways. Challenge yourself and others to reach this goal, and live a healthy life.

Heart rate scale


Get more members and retain the existing by offering this new, effective and motivating heart rate workout concept.

Increase revenue

Increase your revenue through more memberships sign-ups, selling heart rate belts and create new and motivating bootcamps.


New fitness chains have great success in attracting members with HIIT training - With IQNITER you can enter the competition!

your gym

Use existing equipment in a new context and renew your gym at zero cost.
Equip e.g your biking studio with rowing machines and dumbbells - and voila! You have a new concept!

get knowledge = more profit

How many are actively exercising? How often? How many calories do they burn? Data gives you valuable insights and can be used for e.g. competitions and will increase your profit.

More value = happy clients

Give your members a new experience with data and guidance they can use, both during and after training. Help them train better and to get the best out of every drop of sweat.

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