CASE: Iqniter user lost 10 kilos

"I used to hate cardio"

Michael tried heart rate training
for the first time

Reached his weight loss goal with iqniter

Michael was the lucky winner of our competition earlier this year. He won a 3 month bootcamp with personal trainer Claudia Rønne, and has been using IQNITER for his cardio training. 

His goal was to get in better shape and loose 10 kilos before attending the Danish Championship for Kickboxing at amateur level. 

Throughout his life he has worked out, but primarily with focus on building strength by weight lifting. He played some football and has been passionate about kickboxing, but cardio training was never really his thing. In fact, he dislikes it, because it tends to be monotonous, boring and uncomfortable.  

For that reason he never really prioritized running, cycling, rowing etc. and during the last 10 years, while recovering from a knee injury, he experienced a drop in his cardiovascular condition. A good condition is crucial for him when competing against younger and fitter opponents. 

Age: 45 years
189 cm
102 kg
Fat percentage:

Goal: Improved cardiovascular capacity, end weight 90 kg.

Work hearter and smarter

Our mission is to
make optimized workout easy

before and after

Heart rate based workout

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Our personal trainer Claudia made a specific training plan for Michael, based on the +100 different pre-existing workouts in the IQNITER app, combined with some she designed specifically for his needs.

The plan had the following elements: